Davie County Schools

Davie County Schools are known for being some of the best around. As Kristen and I were both former school teachers we can attest for that. Davie only has one high school currently and it is quickly becoming crowded. The big debate is: should they build another high school and have 2 or if one large school would work? Well according the the school board one large school is too costly and not a possibility. The fear in building 2 high schools is that it will divide the county. With two high schools comes two football teams that play each other and it will create a rivalry. School pride is very high now and everyone goes to cheer on Friday nights and support the team. Who knows what the future holds but lets hope that the schools keep up the good work and the school board makes some good decisions to alleviate the crowded high school With the addition of new middle and elementary schools, there will have to be something done. www.thecarolinacrew.com


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