Fishing High Rock Lake

High Rock Lake is one of the largest lakes in North Carolina second only to Lake Norman. The lake is about 15,180 acres and 365 miles of shoreline. High Rock is a eutrophic lake with lots of nutrients being delivered from the Yakdin River and other tributaries. These nutrients support lots of living things. Fish are abundant and plants love the water also. This is one of the best lakes for fishing in the area. Abundant species include: flathead catfish, channel catfish, black and white crappie, largemouth bass, striped bass, hybrid bass, white bass, carp, shad, and a few others. If you are wanting some good fishing High Rock is a great choice! The catfish, bass, and crappie are the species that most people catch because they are abundant and not too difficult to catch. In the spring the crappie are easy to catch around piers and brush with a curly tail jig (and minnows work but not as well) Then later in the spring and summer minnows work best and jigs are hard to work. Bass seem to like deep crank baits and spinner baits year round. Flathead love small live bream both on the bottom and sliding corks. Channel cats love cut shad and chicken livers. If you want to catch several little cats use a gold crappie hook with no weights or bobbers and bait it with some chicken liver. Leave the line slack and when it starts getting tight, you have a fish! If you have more fishing questions let me know. Fishing is one of my favorite things to do and I love to talk abou it! Also if you have tips or hints for fishing High Rock please let us know!


map of high rock lake

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