Fosters Point, High Rock Lake

High Rock Lake is one of the best parts of Davidson County (aside from the excellent BBQ, people, and sense of community). So I can understand why folks at Foster's Point are a little upset that they may lose their sites. Rumor has it that the campground may be selling out and the potential buyers are seeking rezoning (probably for condos). While this would be a good idea for investment as the lake only has one set of condos, if it means putting average folks out their lake sites, I am not sure I can support that. There are plenty of places an investor could buy land and build a condo that no one currently occupies. This would allow them to accomplish their goal without bulldozing the campground where so many people have so much fun. If Fosters Point wants to sell, then sell to someone who will keep it a campground. This is a win-win-win-win. The current owners sell for profit, the new owners get revenue from the campers, the campers get to stay, and the condos can be built elsewhere on the lake. I am no genius but to me this makes sense. I love the lake and Fosters Point is a landmark on the lake, it is how we give directions in the south. Ex: "yeah I passed you near Fosters Pointe on my way to four balls." Four Balls by the way is where some power lines cross the lake in the north side of Abotts Creek and they have big red markers on the lines so planes or a tall sail boat do not hit the lines. I just found this site called HRL Pirates and they have some good info and the owners of the site have a place at Fosters Point so you can get their perspective as well. Plus they have cool t-shirts!



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