High Rock Lake Levels

High Rock Lake water levels are really dipping!! Many boats and piers are on the ground with no signs of water levels coming up. There is some mention of possible rain this weekend, but it really needs to be a lot in order raise these water levels. With High Rock being down about 7 feet rain would be a gift right now! It has been so dry that we have not mowed our grass since the first week in July! The lake is very quite now not a lot of boat traffic (since many are on the ground). Fisherman can have a great time and not be disturbed by all the lake traffic. ALCOA is trying to keep levels up but they can only work with what water comes into the lake, which right now is not much. Boat ramps are steep but still usable in some places. Real estate is a little harder to sell with low water levels, but it is worth it when the levels come up. Sellers have a harder time getting the value from their property this time of year, but a smart buyer knows the investment is worth it. If you would like to see any of the real estate on High Rock Lake please feel free to contact us. www.thecarolinacrew.com

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