KW rocks…

At our KW Family Reunion (national convention) it was not a down market….

Keller Williams agents and guests were obviously ahead of the market and on the way to thriving in this market thanks to our great education and training. This was not more evident than in this example (not to mention that KW international is DEBT FREE): 

11-year old Emily Tieu of Bridlewood, Ontario, moved attendees to donate $17,532 for sialidosis research. Coupled with a gift of $5,000 from Mo Anderson, a total of $22,532 was raised for her cause.

A quiet hero, Emily started her Mega Garage Sale to raise money to help find a cure for her friend, Tyler Hunealt, who suffers from the rare disorder. To learn more about Emily, granddaughter of Keller Williams associates Paul and Dorothy Desrochers

People often ask me why are you with Keller Williams, could you not just start your own company? I often struggle with my answer because it is these types of things (giving over $20K to help out) that foster my love for KW. There is no better company period.

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