Mocksville, The County Seat

Mocksville, NC in the words of a storyteller I know is " just a hair past nowhere." Though Davie County is growing by leaps and bounds it still has that small town feel. Most of the time when you say "Mocksville" most folks respond by saying something like "Oh I like Tennessee!" Mocksville however, is the county seat of Davie County NORTH CAROLINA and the heart of a wonderful community. There is no shopping mall, though the locals think you mean Wal-Mart if you say you are going to the mall. (People got excited when it became a Super Wal-Mart!) The truck stop was just remodled and now has a Dairy Queen to eat at. The best parts of Davie County however are not well advertised. For example, The Bullhole. It is a small dam across the South Yadkin River where all the teenagers used to go hang out and test their 4x4s on the river rocks below. Now the county has cleaned the place up and made it a nice park for the family (with plans to expand it and make it even better). Another great thing I remember in Davie County was the "big poplar tree." It was said that it was the largest poplar tree in North Carolina and it took 5 people holding hands to reach around it. Then one day it was struck by lightning and about 50 feet of the trunk was left. The tree burned and left a hollow tower that 3 or 4 people could squeeze in the crack at the base. There are many other great things about Davie County including the Yadkin River, the rural setting, and of course all the wonderful people.

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