North Carolina Association of Realtors

I have been in Myrtle Beach, SC for the North Carolina Association of Realtors (and the funny part is the South Carolina Association of Realtors meets later this week in Asheville, NC!). It is a great learning experience and a way to stay plugged in with the other Realtors. The convention has been pretty good, with lots of good break out sessions. As always the networking is great. I must say however, that I have gotten very spoiled to the size and quality of Keller Williams events. Many of the sessions spent s great deal of time "teaching" what KW mandates. For example, the 8×8 and 33 touch and the importance of making clients for life. Likewise, the vendor exhibit hall was a little smaller than I am accustomed to. After you take out all the real estate franchise booths who were trying to recruit the number drops even more. Nonetheless, it is a great experience and I really enjoy seeing all the people. As a KW agent I go to lots of training so it is really nice to see agents from other companies and  how they are doing. It really makes me appreciate my position with a training based company so much more. Sometimes I take for granted how good our training is and how far ahead of the curve we are and I forget that others are not as fortunate. The NCAR is a great event that I truley enjoy and would encourage any agent from any company to attend. Remember, training is an investment in your business, not an expense.

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