Kernersville foreclosures for sale

Kernersville foreclosures for sale are one of the major topics that home buyers seem to be interested in learning more about.  With so many homes on the market and the media’s focus on distressed properties, we thought this local post about the Kernersville foreclosures for sale would help clear the air.

Kernersville foreclosures are acutally a small part of the listed for sale real estate market. In order to put this in perspective at the time of this post there are nearly 400 homes for sale in Kernersville. However, there are only 14 foreclosures for sale. That is less than 5% of the homes for sale!

Kernersville foreclosures do sell fast. While few are listed for sale many are getting sold quickly. In the past twelve months 521 homes have sold in Kernersville. Meanwhile, 99 of the sold homes were Kernersville foreclosures.

This sharply contrasts the 5% of listed Kernersville foreclosures. In fact these numbers indicate that nearly 20% of the sold homes in the area are Kernersville foreclosures.

In short, not many homes listed are foreclosures, but they sell fast and often making Kernersville foreclosures a large part of the real estate marketplace. We specialize in helping folks buy and sell bank owned and short sale properties in the Kernersville area. Contact us if you are looking for a great deal.

Kernersville foreclosures for sale

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