Foreclosures in Kernersville

Foreclosures in Kernersville are the first thing most buyers ask about when wanting to purchase a home in the area. Every buyer that comes to our office and is wanting to buy a home in the Kernersville area wants to know about buying a foreclosure.

Many buyers are attracted by the hype surrounding the foreclosure market and the promise of a home steal. Foreclosures in Kernersville are not as numerous as some other parts of the Triad. However, they are very desirable.

Most buyers will shy away from buying a foreclosures once they have seen the condition and capital investment required to rehabilitate the home. Likewise, the condition and damages often restrict the application of most FHA or VA loans.  Not all foreclosures in Kernersville are in poor condition. Occasionally there are some great foreclosures in Kernersville in good condition that are a home steal.

Contact us and we can determine your home needs and find the best deal possible. We stay abreast of the foreclosures in Kernersville and can give you a heads up as new deals hit the market.

foreclosures in kernersville


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