Fish High Rock

I just wanted to create a quick plug for this cool new website called

As a fishermen who loves to fish at High Rock Lake I wanted a place with up-to-date fishing reports, lake conditions, and of course I wanted to see what other people are catching. Hence, the birth of

This is a great place for fishermen and women to post their own fishing reports and read up before heading out for the weekend. Also, I like to see how other people are doing and if they caught any nice fish.

No matter if you catch largemouth bass, crappie, carp, gar, bluegill, stiper, or whatever else might come out of High Rock Lake, this is the place to share information!

Fishing at High Rock Lake is fun and exciting and what a better way to share than to go to and share photos and stories with friends and family from all over!

Its obvious that I am hooked, but you should check it out for yourself!

Happy fishing!

flathead catfish at High Rock Lake

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