High Rock Lake Real Estate

The real estate market on High Rock Lake is still holding strong. Many of the homes on the lake are second homes or vacation properties. Most of the people in the market for this type of property are not being hit very hard by the mortgage crunch. As the warm weather creeps in the real estate traffic is also coming with it. As an agent who lives and works on High Rock Lake I always love this time of year. I enjoy showing lake properties and sharing my excitment about the lake with others. Also, the fishing is great this time of year:)

The key to being a great REALTOR is knowing who your trying to target. When I list a lake house, I do blast it out to the local market near as mush as I do out of state buyers. 8 out of the last 10 buyers I have had have come from out of town. It is called target marketing: who would want to buy this house and how do I get in front of them.

In short, the lake market is strong and I (as a homeowner and REALTOR) feel blessed that our market is holding strong. If you would like more information about High Rock Lake visit www.HighRockLakeHouse.com

high rock lake from the mountains


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