How to Sell Your House in the Winter

How to Sell Your House in the Winter

how to sell your house in the winter

How to sell your house in the winter (Photo provided by ProHome Photography)

You may not have planned on needing to know how to sell your house in the winter of Winston Salem. When you listed your house there may have been flowers blooming and hope was in the air as you saw good changes in the near future. Maybe you needed to move because your family size has changed, possibly because of a new job, or to be closer to friends and family. Whatever the reason you decided to sell your house, you probably didn’t expect that it might expire.

Now the seasons have changed. While it can be frustrating to feel like you’ve failed, you haven’t yet. We are here to help and excel at selling homes other agents have failed to sell. We know how to sell your house in the winter and excel at working in the “off season.”

3 Reasons Your House Didn’t Sell: How to Sell Your House in the Winter

The first thing we need to find out is why it didn’t sell. There are three basic reasons that a home doesn’t sell and one cure for them all.

One reason that houses don’t sell which we are seeing more poignantly in our market is Condition. Many buyers aren’t looking for a “fixer-upper.” Many of today’s buyers have jobs and commitments and aren’t looking to move into a project. The last thing they want to do is come home to more work. A home is supposed to be a place of peace from the world. If you’re home’s fixtures and floors look like twenty to thirty years ago and the walls haven’t been painted in the last five, your house may not appear “move-in-ready.”

how to sell your house in the winter

Shallowford Rd House (Provided by ProHome Photography)

Condition can also be something you can’t change about your home like a school district, busy street, slope of your yard, or high tension power-lines running behind the house! While most of these incurable conditions are turning many buyers away, they might have been the reason you got such a great deal when you purchased the home. As we work on how to sell your house in the winter, some of these conditions may be less visible in the drearier months!

The second reason that a home may not have sold is Marketing. While an agent may or may not have done a great job. They should have, at a minimum, placed your home in the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for other agents to see. The next most powerful thing is the photos of your home. The photos of your home are sent from the MLS to dozens of websites and are often buyer’s first impression of your house. We always pay a professional photographer because the photo’s are so important. If your agent is walking through with their phone snapping pics don’t expect it to go well. Since we know how to sell your house in the winter, we know you need fresh photos as leaves change and fall so your listing looks fresh to potential buyers!

The third and most often the reason that homes don’t sell is PRICE! While many agents are more than willing to stick a sign in your yard and hope that the market swings up to your house; a good agent knows it’s no longer 2006 and works to price your home right from day one so it sells. 70% of homes in our area sell within three months. If your home is on the market over three months, you need to make adjustments!  

Price is the one solution for any problem in condition or marketing. If you got a deal on your house because it was beside a busy road don’t expect that the next homeowner won’t need a similar enticing deal. Another way to think of it is: if you live on a busy street, someone with small children may not want to live there, so that narrows down your pool of potential buyers. While your house may be worth what you think it is you may need to price it more in-line with your smaller pool of buyers. The other option is to wait for an ignorant buyer, this isn’t how to sell your house in the winter.

The Right Agent: How to Sell Your House in the Winter

We see a lot of homes expire that have been listed with a discount broker or limited listing service. While these “agents” charge a smaller fee and literally perform minimal work; they are not actively out in the community looking for buyers like a good full service broker. The biggest difference between an ok agent and a great agent is that a great agent is marketing your property and actively prospecting for buyers to sell houses in the winter.

Many home sellers, and even agents, are giving up on selling homes at this point in time of the year. They don’t know how to sell a house in the winter since more homes sell during the spring and summer. The reality is that the Holiday Market is the second best time of the year to sell for several reasons.

First, lots of sellers who don’t need to sell have put their home on the market “just to see” give up and can’t be bothered to sell during the holidays so buyers aren’t looking at their overpriced homes. The market loses hundreds of homes leaving the buyers still searching for homes with fewer options. This has a direct effect on supply; lower supply, higher demand – for your house.

How to sell a house in the winter

Number of Expired Listings Vs. Housing Inventory

Second, spring is a great time for homeowners to show off all the flowers and landscaping in their yard to potential home buyers and traditionally spring is the preferred season. The best season for an agents that know how to sell your house in the winter to be able to do their job of “selling” your home is the fall and winter. The reason for this is it’s cold outside! Buyer’s will feel homey inside your warm house and will be more likely to spend more time inside looking around where the agent can talk up your house. Most homes still on the market are vacant and cold or overpriced. Your home can overcome these easily, because we know how to sell your house in the winter.

Third, there is a break from school that allows a transition from one school to another during the Christmas break. One of the main reasons people move during the summer is for their kids to start a fresh school year and using vacation days to move. December is a great month for moving. There are days off from work to move and kids can start fresh at a new school in the spring semester.

While there are fewer buyers than there were in the spring and early summer there are still many motivated buyers. There are far fewer houses and the buyers that are in the market are motivated and need to move! If you need to sell, there are buyers that need to move too. Now isn’t the time to give up, give us a call today to get your home sold! We know how to sell your house in the winter and could be as opposed to waiting till next year when there will be hundreds of new homes that have never hit the market competing for buyers.

We know how to sell your house in the winter and are confident that we can provide unparalleled service. If you need to sell give The Carolina Crew a Call Today! 336-283-8683

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